Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Innovation Nation NC inspires and empowers individuals of all ages to become involved within the community by aiding those that are homeless, as well as those that have mobility impairments.  Innovation Nation NC provides services through donations, fundraising and informational resources.

About Us

Innovation Nation began in 2012 with the purpose to inspire and empower community involvement through information, fundraising for causes, and youth programs. Currently, we service the Wake and Johnston County areas. Our first community outreach included the creation of 50 book bags filled with necessities for those in our homeless communities, this initiative is called Paks 4 PalsWe are committed to preparing and distributing 150 or more book bags filled with much needed relief twice annually.  These necessities include non-perishable items and hygiene products, which aids our brothers and sisters in need.  Along with assisting those in our homeless community, Innovation Nation provides relevant information and resources for those that are wheelchair reliant via Freedom 365. Information ranging from technology and ADA policy to Lifestyle and achievements, are only a few of the informational resources we provide to enhance the lives of those utilizing a wheelchair. Our aim is to empower individuals that are marginalized and underserved within our communities.

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To inspire Samaritan acts by aiding the most vulnerable within our community through humanitarian aid and informational resources.

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