Chili’s – Garner, NC

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Classic American casual dining that features Tex-Mex-style cuisine. If you have not been, Sundays are the best. Great pace with seating and fair waiting times. I have tasted just about everything on the menu and can’t settle on a favorite, all are fairly even in good – quality taste. A bit higher than your typical chain value taste and staff are fairly friendly. I do however have 2 drawbacks… The entrance has a divider (double doors) that makes it a bit of a squeeze when entering with a wheelchair on either side. Tight space in seating and the tables have single standing legs. As you may have found out these style legs are not friendly for wheelers looking to slide directly under the table without your foot plate being a factor. I suggest you ask for two tables and slide in between the two.

Price: $$

0-5 Dollars per plate ($)
5-10 Dollars per plate ($$)
10-15 Dollars per plate ($$$)
15+ Dollars per plate ($$$$)

Access: Wheelchair access is located up front and on the Drive up-Pick up side of the building. The front entrence is ticky though. The door is medium to heavy to open and the door frame is narrow. You will have to tuck your hands in, in order to get through the frame. Quickly tuck in and pull back out to stop your roll on FRIDAY & SATURDAY NIGHTS, due to the people in their waiting room. Unless you don’t care about rolling over peoples feet. Bathroom door is tricky…. Before you enter the first little door frame, turn around and back in to the area. You will not have enough space to go around the door that opens up towards you. So wheel backwards past the door, lean forward and open the door, then wheel in.


The bathroom has been remodeled and you can now push straight in with out any issue. 


Parking lot: Fully paved, no assistants needed.

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