It’s The Little Gifts From God


Did you ever consider that not repaying evil with evil is a gift?

When I lost my job in radio due to my injury… I wanted to be angry. Mad at the fact that I was losing something I worked so hard for, prayed for, even sacrificed for… Facing uncertainty, not only in my physical abilities… but also now in my financial stability. If that wasn’t enough… Unknowingly, the unforeseen building of a new mental hurdle rapidly escalated. Was I truly comfortable and confident with the new lifestyle that has just been thrusted on me? I’m only half a man… Doubt that never occurred to me, now lived within the forefront of my mind. I just could not see why God would have taken all of this away from me in one foul swoop… I could not see the gifts HE actually gave me.

I wanted to lash out at my boss for not honoring the relationship we had at that period in time. For what seemed like a kick to the chest of a man that was already down. I remember wheeling out of the station after my last brief visit in my new formed  body… Yup, after discussing the reasoning behind my abrupt loss in job status with my former boss and even meeting my subpar replacement… It was at that moment God spoke to me saying, “goodbye”. Repeatedly over and over. That night, while scrolling through Facebook, I saw a video from my pastor that reminded us of the closing of one door and opening of the next. Sure I’d heard it before, but it didn’t directly affected me. I had always asked HIM for the next door to be open, thus I was ready to leave and I closed the door. In reality HE already close that door, it’s just this time I needed to wait for the new door to open. I needed the time to recover and reflect on the skills that HE has provided me over the years. Skills that always seemed small, but now that they all play a part in this new picture, paint a true masterpiece that took years in the making. From public speaking, planning and organizing events, writing script, learning digital design, and truly connecting with people from all walks of life. These skills that I finally see now are actually gifts given to do the true meaning and purpose of my life. If I’d been hell-bent on revenge, I can guarantee you that I would’ve never gotten to this actuality. That in itself and how HE has raised me step-by-step to not harbor hate in my heart, is one of the biggest gifts he has blessed me with. As I am writing this HE spoke to me again, this time letting me know that…

My inability to move my legs, gave me the ability to move people's hearts...

Take the time and be mindful of the little gifts HE has given, you will see how big they actually turned out to be.