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I’ve been there a few times before and it just hit me, I should review this place. If you have a tongue and taste budds, or look to cook outside of American cuisine… Then A&C Supermarket is your place for local fresh Asian eats! With a friendly staff and wheel friendly setting, its a great place to get low prices on authentic Asian foods.    

The first thing I noticed, now back for the first time as a wheeler, are the wide isles. I have a 19” wide frame chair and I could do a 360 if I wanted. A very few isles were thinned with displays that change out, so really no worries there.  

Next, I love how most of store is wheeler level and trust… if something is to high, just ask the staff and they are more then happy to assist you. 

They have a great buffet, filled with every flavor your heart desires. This is not your Ameri-con-o culture made food. This is… “I just landed and don’t speak a lick of Chinese, Japanese, or Koren…BUT man this food speaks my language!”  

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Lunch on the go? Stop in! I have eaten a ton of asian food, have never tasted anything like this. No infusion or twist, just generations of great food recipes passed down to perfection.

I promised myself before i stated writing this…NO PRODUCT PLACEMENT… sorry…. I just have to share these two. First up, Ramune, a fruity Japanese soda that you will surely fall in love with! To help those who don’t read directions or have a mechanically incline brain… Below is a video on how to open one of these tasty treats…  

These are a huge hit at parties of all types and I love getting these for my daughters class at school. I just recently bought some for her history class party. 30 Come in a case and will run you about $40+ food tax. ENJOY! 

They also have fresh seafood. While I am not a big fish fan, I do love squid. Make sure you check this section out too. 

The only other product I will push are these Japanese noodles. Like Ramen noodles, but less salt and meant to be cooked with other foods. I picked this because as a wheeler, sometimes, I don’t want to slave over a stove to make noodles for certain dishes. With this I can spend more time cooking the main dish or peice of a dish and with 5 mins to spare… pop these delights in to boiling water or microwave for 7 mins and your done! Or simply be boring and cook it as a soup like the package says. Grab a pair of chopsticks and YUMmmm! 

3210 S Wilmington St Raleigh, NC 27603

  • Phone:         (919) 2322288

  • Fax:              (919) 2320099

  • Hours of Operation:

   9:00 AM – 9:00 PM 

   (7 Days a Week)


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