Ale House – Garner, NC

Nightlife Restaurants

Brew and grub pub with tasty a American style menu.  TVs galore and very fan friendly! A bit more space when it come to navigating around and the tables are spaced in such a way, you really never have to worry about bumping into anything when being seated or using the restroom. As per the usual with chairs, I’m finding out, they have the single leg table… Ugh… Again, I would ask for two or double table set up. I will say this though, the table top is large enough that you an pick a side or straddle the corner of the single leg table and get closer to the table then in normal restaurants. In other words if you don’t have a issue with leaning forward and adjusting your plate to either side of you sightly… you will be just fine.

Price: $$

0-5 Dollars per plate ($)
5-10 Dollars per plate ($$)
10-15 Dollars per plate ($$$)
15+ Dollars per plate ($$$$)

Access: Wheelchair access is located right up front with the parking (Less then 500 feet)! Bathroom door is very easy to access unassisted.

Parking lot: Fully paved, no assistants needed.

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