How are you? 

Contentment exists at the beginning of a “thankful perspective”. It’s difficult to be thankful for the thing you have been blessed with, when your in pursuit of MORE of that same thing at the same time.

We get use to things so easily. We take our luxuries for granted. At times, we even take our friends, family, our partner or spouse’s love, even our money for granted.

The fact is… You can have all the money and achievements in the world, but if you are not grateful it… No matter what you make or do, life simply will not get any better. It all falls into the black hole of things we take for granted.

That black hole causes us to strive for more “likes” on any social media platform, more friends, more money, more status. As if it validates us, when God has already validated your life by sending HIS son to die on the cross… We should be grateful for our lives in a way that’s almost apologetic.

A grateful perspective realizes that God gave us a seat in HIS kingdom as the greatest honor of all, as well as every thing you currently have. If you feel like your coming up short… 

Have you ever thought that your not ready for MORE? HE knows you are not just yet ready to handle more responsibility. The paycheck you get is what you need to get right now, because you would not handle more properly since you can’t even be thankful for what you get now. Or that job you want, but you slack at the one your currently employed with. Act grateful and sing praise, show you are humbly ready for more when HE has everything in place for your next ELEVATION in life. 

No one said it would be a cake walk. Sometime it’s a long season of change. I waited 2 years for an elevation. Praying, thanking, praising the small wins, and asking to make ends meet on a monthly basis. Steady, constant talks help me see that the elevation at the end of that 2 year season was not the end, it only prepared me for the major elevation 2 years after that. Need proof…?

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!

Psalm 27:14 ESV

Stay steady, be ready. Don’t get robbed of your future blessing by not recognizing the blessings you already have. 

I’m blessed to have these top 3

My loving family and friends.
My life vs my legs.

Most importantly

My growing and flowing relationship with God!