Defying Walls


If you’ve been on this earth longer then 18 years, I bet you’re familiar with the phrase “hit the wall.” You might have even experienced it mentally or physically… This simply expresses the moment we experience a sudden loss of energy. Struggling to gain the next step in your train of thoughts or even struggling physically to run that last mile to the finish line. Sometimes your life can feel as if it hit a wall and we struggle to even try to move forward. Those “moments” can seem to last for a very long season.

Nothing spells this out more clearly then in the book of Hebrews. Believers who had become stuck in their situation and now had “hit the wall.” They felt this way due to the lack of vision while enduring relentless persecution. In reality, these believers are just unwilling to grow spiritually.

The Bible doesn’t says that your life will be easy. It is often filled with trials and tribulations, suffering, persecution and adverse circumstances. I know, disabled or able-bodied, your constantly facing hard challenges. The question is, are you tempted to give up? Giving in to the wall you face…

I pick this wall, this hall, this area, and my PT because this is where I hit my wall. I could not pop a 3+ inch curb and just could not meet this obstacle. I was stuck, no matter how hard I tried to advance… Maria knew I could wheelie, but I could not hold it and propel forward…which would help me in pop’n 3+ inch curbs. She had me pop a wheelie and travel down this hall several time until in could hold it for, amazingly, several feet. See, I needed to expand my ability. Doing so never claimed to be the solution, but logically, it seemed to be the best shot at eclipsing my goal. After constant practice, failures, and finally getting the right muscle memory….Sure enough, this wall came crashing.

Maybe your also like me living in constant nerve pain… an almost intolerable beast, that can often suffocate my thoughts by day and invades my dreams at night.

I urge you in those moments to stop, pray, and ask God to help you endure and overcome them.

I want to encourage you today to not throw in the towel. God has in no way abandoned you. Ask for that extra mile, for the ability to topple the mental hurdles, to be defiant to the restraint of this world. Practice patiently waiting, HE is here to help you persevere through the walls that block your advances. I also ask for you to take the time to read or just listen to Hebrews chapters 1-13, once a day for the next 2 weeks… Don’t have a Bible?