Distraction In To Action


Heroes, fictional or not, have one thing in common.

They overcome distractions. Since the beginning of time…heroes, even in the Bible, had to face overcoming distractions constantly. Fear distracted Abraham. Paul’s “thorn in flesh” or pain distracted him. King David… even after staying laser focused through the fight with Goliath and plots of Saul, he still falls in to the distraction of pleasure. 

Distractions will be the number one deterrent in reaching your path to HIS purpose, as well as pull you away from HIM period. Don’t feel overwhelmed, because distractions come in many forms and are easily to slip in to unknowingly. 

Today though, I just want to focus on what I feel is the biggest, easiest to have, hardest to overcome, and most common distraction of them all.  Thankfully, it is also one in which God has spoken about extensively! 

Life’s Worries. Did you know that worrying is a sin? 


If we trust in our worry more than we trust in God, we are sinning by our lack of faith in God. Counter your thoughts of worry by thinking about the things you never even worry about. Like getting water out of the faucet in your kitchen. Even if your a worrier by nature, or the worst worrier in the world… I bet you  don’t worry about that thing! 

Ask yourself then, why you don’t worry about things like that? Is it because it has always been there when you wanted it? Or because it has never failed you before? Could it be because certainty is bred by trust? So….

Why can’t we be just as certain and worry-free about God’s love and protection? 

Don’t let the life you have distract you from the life you want. God wants you to have that life too! You just need to look deeper then material things, careers, and your own knowledge. 

Stop worrying about your house and all that’s in it.

 Focus on building and maintaining HIS house in your heart, so you can be provided all you need to keep what HE made for you. 

Stop worrying about career moves...

and focus on moving towards life’s career in HIS company. HE will put you in the position to not only provide for your family, but also provide for HIS will to be done. 

Stop worrying your kids and how they will turn out.

Focus on HIM pouring in to them through you, even beyond your own knowledge of the world. 

Do all this and all will flourish.

Lay down your... 


at HIS feet and take

0 +

towards a greater life without worry.