Duke Adaptive


Adaptive rock climbing brings together individuals with and without disabilities to learn climbing basics and challenge one another to reach new goals – whether that goal is the top of the wall or just one more hand-hold.

Duke Adaptive Climbing is a combined effort between Duke University students and Duke Outdoor Adventures. Starting in the summer of 2013, Duke students Holly Thompson and Hrishikesh “Kesh” Rao along with Duke Outdoor Adventures Director, Nathan McKinnis began plans for an adaptive rock climbing clinic to be hosted at Duke University. Our aim was to provide an avenue for rock climbing for those with disabilities in the greater triangle area.

In October 2013, months of planning came to fruition when we held our first clinic. It was an incredible success and truly a memorable event. We now want to build on that energy and create a sustainable program at Duke University by organizing monthly adaptive climbing sessions. Furthermore, we wish to be a model for other universities and organizations around the country.