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Replacing Disability Checks With Paychecks

Many Are Replacing Disability Checks With Paychecks Previous Next Dani Izzie at her home in rural Virginia. Photo by Greg Kahn for NPR Angel Salva, former US Air Force.  Photo by Greg Kahn for NPR To Read The Full Article – Click Here Written by NPR’s Chief Economics Correspondent Scott Horsley Tweet

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Eye-controlled Wheelchair

The Independence Drive is a system that lets users control their wheelchair using eye-tracking software. (Team Gleason Photo) It all started with a hackathon. Back in 2014, a team of Microsoft employees developed the EyeGaze, a wheelchair that users could move through eye movement and a Surface tablet. The project was a response to a […]


The Liftware Level

These utensils were  created by a team of scientists, dedicated to creating eating tools for people with special needs. Both robotic spoons automatically corrects its level in accordance with the user’s hand position. Liftware Steady – Starter Kit: $195 Liftware Level – Starter Kit: $195 Ready To Buy? Click Here!


iWatch… Wheeler Friendly Features!

A watch that considers all the different ways you move. Apple Watch tracks your daily activity, measures workouts, and encourages healthy routines. And because it’s built to be accessible, you can get accurate fitness tracking however you move, feel a gentle tap when it’s time for a meeting, or hear a text message read aloud. […]


Dreamfit: The Motorcycle For Paraplegics

When motorcyclists have an accident they roll a dice, with escaping unscathed on one side and very severe consequences on the other. And for those unlucky enough to sustain severe and permanent injuries like paraplegia, there’s often one huge regret – that they may never ride again on a real bike. A chance encounter with […]


Paraplegic Periods…

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Therapeutic Wheelchair

Andy Imlay was able to get off of opioid pain medication after about two years of using Rowheels. He settled on the HX model after trying the LX Wheels in his initial demo. Like most longtime manual wheelchair users (53 years and counting), I have been dogged by chronic shoulder pain for decades — rotator […]

The Road to Motherhood…

There are 27 million women with disabilities in the United States according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. [i] Many of these women will have babies independently and the old fashioned way, via cesarean or natural birth.  The number of woman on social media who are pregnant on wheels is like a positive epidemic. […]




Record-breaking wheelchair team pulls plane at Heathrow to help disabled flying charity UK charity Aerobility has joined forces with British Airways and Heathrow Airport Ltd to set a new record for the Heaviest aircraft pulled over 100m by a wheelchair team. On the 23 November 2018, the London airport opened its doors to 98 participants […]


Duke Adaptive

Adaptive rock climbing brings together individuals with and without disabilities to learn climbing basics and challenge one another to reach new goals – whether that goal is the top of the wall or just one more hand-hold. Duke Adaptive Climbing is a combined effort between Duke University students and Duke Outdoor Adventures. Starting in the […]


Wheelchair HS Coach

How could someone born without arms or legs, who’s never held a football, teach high school players how to throw, tackle or block? Rob Mendez is doing it as head coach of a California JV team. BY WAYNE DREHS 02/16/19 Click Here To See The Full Article


McGloin Calls For Better Access To Motorsports

Nathalie McGloin is the only female tetraplegic racing driver competing against non-disabled drivers at a professional level and she is using her prominence to advocate for better access for disabled drivers to get involved in racing. As the President of the international FIA Disability and Accessibility Commission, she has called for fundamental, widespread changes to […]


Bridge II Sports

EveryBODYPlaysNC “SPORTS SHOULD BE, AND MUST BE, MADE AVAILABLE FOR ALL”– NC School Administrator In North Carolina, Bridge II Sports is putting this edict into action getting students with physical disabilities off the sidelines while teaching their classmates about the ability of disability through the EveryBODYPlaysNC School Initiative. BIIS staff and athletes with disabilities host […]

New Art Of Dance!

Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham

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