Cold Stone – Garner, NC

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For more than 25 years we’ve served up the finest, freshest ice cream, cakes, smoothies and shakes using only the highest quality ingredients, and of course, their signature process of preparing your custom ice cream creation on a frozen granite stone.

Price: $

0-5 Dollars per plate ($)
5-10 Dollars per plate ($$)
10-15 Dollars per plate ($$$)
15+ Dollars per plate ($$$$)

Access: Wheelchair access is located right up front! Small interior, so you will need some nifty navigational moves once you receive your sweet treat. You will need help navigating and entering the restroom facilities. While the door is not too heavy, opening it safely with other patons entering and exiting will prove to be difficult without assistance. Tables are low, but they are single poll legs, so you will have to angle your chair to adjust if you plan on utilizing the table space. Power chairs, I recommend you remain towards the front of the restaurant or outside for the best experience. This is due to the establishment being built in a L shape and it narrows on the side. Plus, you will be sitting with order line behind you and may be an obstruction to said line. 

Parking lot: Fully paved, no assistants needed. The front door is super light and very easy to open head on.

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