Even if you do not have an athletic background, you have likely watched or been around enough athletic events to see how difficult training and competing can be on someone. Like an athlete, your disability can be taxing both physically and mentally. One thing all successful athletes have in common is their single-minded focus on their goal. 

Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, and even the late great Dale Earnhardt Sr., all at one point have done interviews about how their intense, directed focus allowed them to “get in the zone”. Their mind would relax, their physical attributes would heightened, and they could reach a level of clarity that would allow them to exceed and excel at different points in the race or game.

Life can be the same for you… At a certain point in your hard day, it’s possible for you to get to a place where “the game slows down”. You can even have a season where it will slow down. You will see potential dangers as well as future gains, just from repetitions in your daily and monthly routines. You can also gain vision by challenging yourself to live outside your comfort zone. Athletes understand this all too well and seek opportunities to put themselves into uncomfortable places. Also, many times during an exhausting workout session there comes a time when athletes have to remind themselves of their original goal, in order to keep pressing forward, even through pain… Same applies to you, remind yourself of the goal you seek every time it seams to get hard.

For a newbie to the spinal cord injury lifestyle, like myself, my goals started with getting myself fully dressed. As I learned and grew more comfortable in my new body, my goals also evolved. From Wheelies to floor exercises, and beyond… in fact as I write this, I just came out of therapy where I had struggled to pop a 4 inch curb. As of right now, I did it 5+ time with a drain vacuum attached to my hip. Big bulky and sways on the back of my chair. Placed to help suck the blood out of the stapled incision area on my hip that is healing from my last major surgery. Yeah, gain that focus people, trust in HIM, and conquer! 

What are some things you want to achieve? Transfer without a slide board, start a blog about your passion, get in shape, or even build that deck you always wanted on your home. Whatever it maybe, set your daily and weekly goals. 

If you do not regularly challenge yourself through evolving mental or even physically demanding circumstances, you may miss out on building up this sense of focus that can surely be attain. Focus…that will also allow you to see HIS blessing for you much easier. 

Ask yourself... When was the last time I truly achieved this level of focus or have I ever? 

Then ask yourself… Have I really ever pushed my mental and physical limits beyond what I think I can do or even explore a challenge outside of my comfort zone? If the answer is no, start today…