Got Wisdom?


I truly believe my wisdom started on September 19, 1998. Under the Friday night lights, 3rd game of the new season. I subbed in for Levar Mitchell in the 1st quarter of the what was sure to be a tough game against Clinton High. I went to make a gang tackle with teammate Adam Easton and ended up tearing 3 of the 4 ligaments in my knee courtesy of the tailback’s helmet.

Even a contortionist would cringe at this point. Surgery, months of therapy, and a strong will ensued. I battled back to play my senior year without fear of contact. This taught me that, physically, I can overcome any obstacle with just a closer walk with HIM.

Fast forward to about 5 years ago and I’m looking for a higher position in my field. From here to literally California, I filled out applications to see what my industry would say about my resume. “Over qualified, looking for more experience, and will not pay for relocation” came back daily for 2 months. Then right across the parking lot of my current job, came a call back from Mix 101.5. They were launching a new morning show and loved my resume. They also figured out that I was the same Ron that called in to the show and had them cracking up on my “cash only transaction” story. A week earlier. 3 phone interviews and 1 in person interview later, I was in the top 3 and awaiting their call. Also, I was in the top 2 candidates to head to Clayton and start a brand new station from the ground up.

I will never for get the day I was told, “well the other person turned down the job, so it’s yours if you want it.”…. Skills in digital design, creating logs, fixing software issues, co-hosting morning shows, and I even received an award from Curtis Media that most don’t get within 3 years of being in management. How could I not be the first pick? I had another option, why would I take second place? I really didn’t want the job at 102 at this point, but for 3 straight days as I prayed HE told me to “come home”…. over and over, when ever I thought about the decision. So… I took it, thinking it was a grave mistake, but happy to have the chance to follow HIM far beyond my true wishes. I learn how to build a station from the ground up and the skills I had stored all these years, opened up, evolved, and help place 102.3 on the map for years to come.

Year 2 at my new station and I get an alert on my phone about an immediate job opening for a morning drive DJ on Mix 101.5. On further investigation, the morning show I turned down was leaving… I looked up and said “thank you Lord, I could be looking for a job right now instead of having one”. I had followed HIM, heard the voice of wisdom over my own voice and what was to happen next… totally blew my mind once I saw the full picture… First, a verse that has always stuck with me ever since the job search.

“Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.”

Proverbs 1:7 NLT

Year 3 and things are looking up. Just got a raise and things are clicking at the station truly chosen by God. As you know April 10th comes along that year and changes everything for me. Far removed from the station and in rehabilitation… Maureen, my physical therapist at the time, was talking about the uptick in early afternoon Raleigh traffic. “It doesn’t even have to be a holiday weekend and right here, getting out of the hospital and on to the highway is crazy”. I agreed and remembered how it was for me leaving the station at 2 in the afternoon and Capital Boulevard being a “stoplight parking lot” as we all try to get on the highway. Thank goodness I don’t have that issue anymore… wait… If I had stayed in Raleigh, even turning down the Mix 101.5 job, I would have most likely turned down the job in Clayton and still be at my job with Curtis media. Meaning I would have been stuck in the car, in traffic, in immense pain on April 10, 2017. Instead of getting treatment and being shipped off to Duke for further diagnosis. I could have lost my life on the way home instead of being just 6 miles away from home and having everything happen just as I was walking up the front steps… HE just taught me that, mentally, HE needs to be in the driver seat. I can’t make these decisions on my own.

I’m so happy that nothing surprises the Lord… The grand plan HE has, I can’t see until I reflect back. However, HE has utterly shown me that I’m physically tough and mentally ready to except HIS wisdom on both fronts. Becoming a paraplegic, however long I relain, has just given me HIS new goals and wisdom that was set for me… Where does your wisdom comes from???

Shut out to Marvin, Levar, Adam, and the rest of the 1998 squad showcased in this video! Special shout out to coach Fowler aka “the passion” highlighted in the video below!

Football Friday Show Opener from 1998!

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