Hold Steady On Course


Please believe that the devil is extremely crafty when it comes to placing the perfect negative message in your mind. The “yeah, but that’s impossible” or “it’s just not the life for me” can sound so real in your head. The best message of destruction……..

The devil will pave every speed bump in your path to throw you just off balance enough to keep you from getting on the same page as God. Well, that if you let him… We all must stay devoted every day to learning how we can retrain what HIS will is in our lives. Sure it’s not easy at times, but if you truly work at recognizing HIS voice and asking for confirmation from HIM. At first I was questioning HIS will, wrong-wrong-wrong. Once my heart was pure, I learned that HE answered in actions every time I asked for HIM to show me. In other words, I didn’t come to HIM looking for a sign before I started believing in the message HE gave me. I believed and had my mind set on pursuing what HE told me. Instead, I asked HIM to show me that it is indeed HIM speaking and not my own mind or the devil pushing me away from HIS will. 

“Ask the Lord your God for a sign, whether in the deepest depths or in the highest heights.”

Isaiah 7:11 NIV

I challenge you to take the time tonight, set a reminder in your phone now, to think about what area of your life you wish to have growth in. Then first thing tomorrow when you wake up, read your Bible and go down in prayer. 

What is that one thing you want to deepen this season in your life? Ask HIM to help you gain a better understanding. Keep praying for that daily and listen for that answer that echos in your head at the time. Even after you feel you have received that answer, keep asking, but ask HIM to show you that it is not of your own wishes and is truly blessed by HIM. Ask HIM to take your thoughts and replace them with HIS.