Leaving A Legacy


Your legacy… can come from two sources. It can come from default or be intentional. Could be a workaholic parent who is too tired to spend time. Setting their home life on default, never seeing how they are neglecting their significant others and kids.

On the flip side…it can also be the parent(s) that intentionally show affection, even though their own parents never did. My parents sowed the seeds of their legacy in me. They showed me how a ripple can make waves by always having a helping heart towards others… this is reflected in my heart and led me to start Innovation Nation NC, which provides aid to those in need.

“A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children, but the sinner's wealth is laid up for the righteous”

Proverbs 13:22 ESV

My daughter is my world… How would it be now, now that my mobility has changed? What can I possibly teach her or pass on to her when I’m limited in what I can do? These were the questions I faced as I looked at the door way exiting the physical rehab clinic the first time last year… struggling for days with this internally, I turned to HIM in prayer and before I was even able to ask… 

“Show her that even through this you are the same father she had before, show how to be strong when all is uncertain”.

We still… cook, bake, paint, etc… Now we even indoor rock climb, play the Xbox, go on short walk/rolls, and laugh at each other’s jokes while watching our favorite show-The Great British Bake Off. Guess what else… Delanie founded Early Start Delights, which provides teddy bears and books to kids in shelters. The ripple that started in 1953 grew bigger in 1981 and still grows bigger as the 2005 wave gets older.

Out side of the greatest wave performed on the cross… Jesus traveled from place to place, preformed miracles, spoke truth, and one by one empowered people. People that, throughout the Bible, started as tiny ripples in our timeline and turned in to waves of change that still flow to us today.

Want ripples in your marriage, ones that will assure that you both will remain best friends 20 years from now? Book that getaway vacation for the two of you. Want waves with your siblings, check in with a text message more then twice a month. Really anything that you desire to last a long time, like Faith… Requires steady and intentional actions. If you desire to leave a legacy, how are you doing so? Feel free to COMMENT so others that may not know how… can catch that wave.