Olive Garden – Raleigh,NC

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Today, the Olive Garden family of 800+ restaurants is always evolving its brand with our favorites in mind. With reinvigorated dishes, a restructured logo, and total overhaul  in remodeling of the Capital Blvd. location, it looks as if they are really trying to make the experience feel more like a modern day Italy.

With so many choices now a days, I must admit…It has been a while since I had been there. Food is still just as or even more flavorful now, no complaints here.


I recommend the 10.99 Endless Pasta promo, GET IT WHILE IT LASTS! 

Price: $

0-5 Dollars per plate ($)
5-10 Dollars per plate ($)
10-15 Dollars per plate ($)
15+ Dollars per plate ($$)

Access: Wheelchair access is no real issue, with only a very slight hill leading up to the door. The entrance and bathroom doors a fairly light and are lightly spring loaded. Be mindful of a hard push after entrance due to a thick carpet just as you pass through.

Once in, you can roll around freely with the exception of it being packed with people. The waiting area is tiled and the carpet in all the dinning areas are not thick, easy pushing for carpet.

Ask for a 5-6 person table if you can and have 3+ people with you, or snag a corner table. This way you can sit in the middle of the table

The bathroom door is very easy to open unassisted. Bathroom stall is slightly on the small side. Surprisingly for a chain brand, the bathroom sink is great height! This is probably because they cater to a lot of families and families have “little ones” who need to wash those grubby hands! I have noticed that recently.  

Parking lot: Fully paved, but only 2 ♿️ spaces… so they may be taken and you have to park in the back like I had to. There is an accessible sidewalk that leads from the back to the front.