I am taking a break for my Birthday week, next week. I will be spending the entire week in thanks of HIS greatness. I’m doing so because HE has brought me a long way. FYI… for the first time in two years I will actually be spending my Birthday outside of the hospital…. 🙌🏿 Reflecting on that fact, I thought it would be appropriate to give a prayer this week.

Giving all honor and glory to you Lord… Thank You for rebuilding our lives when the storms of life have left us in scattered pieces. We pray that however hard the process of rebuilding our foundation is, that we continue to turn to You as our comforter, and that we are fully committed to the new creation You will bless us with in the coming years.

Lord… Please continue teaching us daily on exactly how we should walk in Your strength and grace. As Your children, Your Spirit lives within all of us… Help us tap-in and access Your strength through Your Spirit’s presence. Dear Heavenly Father… We are not always strong, especially when we are face to face with health issues, financial issues, or even dealing with our personal relationships. Thankfully… You are Lord, so we ask for You to intervene daily… Guiding our tongues, our thoughts, and our hearts when these issues arise so that we have clarity in knowing Your Will is being preformed in our lives.

Lastly Father, remind us of our sins… Remind us that we can not fix our sins, only You can. Remind us that we can not ever exhaust your grace, no matter how extensive our mistakes may be. Remind us that repentance equals restoration of salvation. Remind us that You loved us so much that You sacrificed Your only son, so that we may be forgiven of those sins. These and many other blessings we ask and count done in Your name, Amen.