Pulse Ox Faith


Many times in our life we forget the fact that faith is something that needs to be built in our everyday life. One day, after the first 3 surgeries in 2017, I was raising my hand to shake loose and free up some slack from my pulse oximeter(pulse ox as I’ve learned from the nurses)… When it hit me…I didn’t wake up at 5:30, instead 6:15 and with rounds starting usually at 6:25, I missed my window to start the day off with HIM first. Now close to 7am…I had already prepared for breakfast, checked email, checked Facebook, and turned on the TV to watch Morning Joe.

I shut everything down and opened my bible app, did my reading, and started off my prayer with asking for forgiveness. Putting HIM first was so automatic that I could not believe a slight change threw me off. See I believe, our faith in God is one of our most valuable assets. An asset that we need to take care of. I recommend you start your day off with HIM, but if not, at least take a pause from your busy life to spend with HIM. Self-examine your faith, I bet you will find that your faith will blink in and out like the beeps from a pulse ox. Even more troublesome, your faith can be replaced. We tend to focus on what’s in front of us and rely on the tangibles instead of faith in HIM. Friends, family, work and even money are common faith replacements. Shifting 95% of your energy into someone or something else other than God. While I escaped the trap with constant reminders, sometimes we lose our faith due to the unexpected circumstances in our lives, like health issues. I started putting faith in the doctors the more they told me that I will be in a chair the rest of my life. I quickly heard HIS voice say, “As if they have the choice”. “If I want you sitting that long, it’s for a reason… but don’t think one moment longer that their words are the deciding factor”. True… after all I do remember reading in my app that is modeled after some really powerful and compelling book and it just said…

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see”.

Hebrews 11:1 NIV

☺️ HE controls our lives when we have faith, no one else. The doctors were just doing their job, but it’s my job to not put their words over my faith. Same in any situation you face family. Put HIS words first…

I want to make sure I show HIM that HE is not replaced and that HE and HIS words are first in my life.

So I pray:

Lord, I pray that you will rebuild my faith life. Let it eventually stretch further then before. Even when I can’t see or experience the good things that YOU have in store for me, help me to have an unshakable faith regardless of my circumstances. May I forever follow YOU closely for the rest of my life. May I always show YOU that this is not my pulse and oxygen levels that is being measured by this oximeter... Its YOURS. Know that my heart is YOUR home, so it beats in rhythm with YOUR directional steps. Also know I’m thankful for every breath I take, because it’s an honor to be breathing the same breath YOU filled the lungs of Adam with when he came to life. May YOU continue to reign over my life Lord, Amen.