Raleighwood – Raleigh, NC

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This is a movie theater and full service restaurant all in one place! Showing the newest, first-run movie releases! From what I hear, Raleighwood Cinema Grill has been entertaining and delighting patrons since 1993.  Owner James Keane, a retired Exxon engineer, is dedicated to ensuring every  Raleighwood customer receives a high quality movie and dining experience. Trust, the experience is second to none! 

Price: $$

0-5 Dollars per plate ($)
5-10 Dollars per plate ($$)
10-15 Dollars per plate ($$$)
15+ Dollars per plate ($$$$)

Access: Wheelchair parking is located on the side of the building and in the businesses located less then 700 feet away. Fairly ample space inside and you may need them to arrange tables to accommodate your seating. FEEL TOTALLY FREE to do so, the staff is great and more then happy to accommodate you. Doors, both entering and at the bathroom, are light and easy to open. 

Parking lot: Fully paved and easy wheeling! 

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