Re-Relationships Pt.1


Relationships… we all want and need them. Sadly and shortly after loosing my legs, I kept hearing from other wheelers like me that relationships quickly drop off. Your boyfriend/girlfriend leaves, a prominent figure in your life “slowly” loses contact, your kid(s) do not respect the same way, friends don’t call to hang out with you, and lastly… you feel forgotten and disconnected to God.

Blessed. While I have lost some, majority of my relationships have remained strong and intact. Not to mention I am looking up to a 13 year old who in a time when she should be rebelling, she actually draws closer and wants to hang out with this “old” guy even more then before.

Maybe you too are going through the same with work, going back to school, a hard falling out, or just life in general drawing you away from the tightly bonded relationships you once had with another. Which of these relationships need your attention most right now?

Well I remember going down in prayer at the control board, just after getting off air from the morning show at Curtis Media. I felt that my daughter at the ripe age of 7 was pulling away from me. Not sure why, but could sense it. HE opened my eyes and help me lay the ground work for what has become a tight bond now.

Naturally now, after hearing how I’m destined for a isolated life… I prayed again. Prayer for me to have a better understanding of myself, so I have the ability to be confident in vulnerable aspects of my life. Allowing me to express my deepest fears of this new body to friends in my inner circle, regardless of them being new or old friends. Prayer to grow even healthier in the relationships I currently have, as well as the ones HE will create for me. Be a better listener and when asked, give advice blessed by HIM. Then I asked for specific things in the relationships I currently had.

My closest friends still call/hang out and God even sent me new friends like Lindsey. We both happen to be at North Carolina Spinal Cord Injury Association banquet and she wanted “silly face” pics. Not sure if she could sense how nervous I was to attend my first real major event after my injury, but that pic… that pic lifted so much weight off me. Thank you God.

“I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out - plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.”

Jeremiah 29:11 MSG

Exactly, HE will never abandon you and will send, as well as strengthen the relationships that will get you to the future made for only you. You know who else didn’t abandon me? My girlfriend Vivian, even when I flat out told her…. “if you want to leave, break up, I understand.. no hard feeling either”. To which she responded, “the thought never crossed my mind”. Yeah, I heard Beyoncé in that moment, lol!

In short… if your restoring a marriage, getting to know your kids, dating, finding a business partner, making friends, reaching out to a estranged parent… whatever you face… Let hope be stronger than your fear. New, old, or even rebuilding a relationship… It starts with HIM and the relationship you have HIM.