Wednesday, January 26, 2022

These are my experiences, my clarity, and my journey as a T9 paraplegic

My Inability To Move My Legs, Gave Me The Ability To Move People’s Hearts.

~Ron Penny

Power From Weakness

Physical strength and readiness… Staying healthy and honoring the body God have you. Allowing HIM to use you in HIS works, right?… Imagine the questions

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Even if you do not have an athletic background, you have likely watched or been around enough athletic events to see how difficult training and

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Defying Walls

If you’ve been on this earth longer then 18 years, I bet you’re familiar with the phrase “hit the wall.” You might have even experienced

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Looking Beyond…

Sure we are all getting older and maybe your body doesn’t work like others, but your soul… your essences… your actions and reactions speak louder

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My second go round at WakeMed was honestly just as special as the first. As you will read… I learned even more then I expected

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Once I identified my physical and even mental weakness… I was able to look past it and ask HIM to rebuild me in both aspects.

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Re-Relationships Pt.1

Relationships… we all want and need them. Sadly and shortly after loosing my legs, I kept hearing from other wheelers like me that relationships quickly

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Pulse Ox Faith

Many times in our life we forget the fact that faith is something that needs to be built in our everyday life. One day, after

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Got Wisdom?

I truly believe my wisdom started on September 19, 1998. Under the Friday night lights, 3rd game of the new season. I subbed in for

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God’s Plan

People are…a…trippppp right?!? From people who are indeed “haters”, throwing glances and shade from afar when you come in to the room to actual individuals

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The Thief Mentality

April 10, 2017 and all the events that followed…changed my whole perspective on life… While my radio career/co-ownership at Canopy, Innovation Nation NC (my nonprofit),

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Leaving A Legacy

Your legacy… can come from two sources. It can come from default or be intentional. Could be a workaholic parent who is too tired to

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I am taking a break for my Birthday week, next week. I will be spending the entire week in thanks of HIS greatness. I’m doing

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Victory > Pain

The number one question everyone always asks… Will you ever walk again? If they are closer to my inner circle, it’s followed by….”What are the

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That Verse

No, I’m not being lazy, these versus just struck me. Even though I’ve read them before, I just feel that they are so powerful that

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1.Being born with Meningitis as a baby, forcing my parents to wait on taking me home for weeks… 2.Having GI issues as a kid and

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How are you?  Contentment exists at the beginning of a “thankful perspective”. It’s difficult to be thankful for the thing you have been blessed with,

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Hold Steady On Course

Please believe that the devil is extremely crafty when it comes to placing the perfect negative message in your mind. The “yeah, but that’s impossible”

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Victim To Victor

“Choice” is ultimately the greatest gift God has given outside of forgiving us of our sins. Yes, as you reflect on your choices… some of

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Give HIM full access.

The goal is to have a prosperous soul…  Pros•per: flourish physically; grow strong and healthy. How do you physically grow a strong soul? BE ACTIVE!

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HTP Parenting

Parenting is tough at any age, you are never truly prepared. Thinking back at age 25 and reminiscing about my daughter’s birth, first steps, first

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The Samaritan

What is it about doing something affirming that makes you feel good?  For me, my #1 love language is “Acts of service”. Nothing makes me

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Hear Him

I will show you what it’s like when someone comes to me, listens to my teaching, and then follows it. It is like a person building

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ANGER🤬. I will leave it there, because before I can go further… I want to go back to when I first lost my legs. Two

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