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Here is our personal review and pick of the top toys on the market that can help US spice up the bedroom! Check back often, this is an ongoing list.

This product is fantastic for foreplay, as well as during intersourse. As displayed below, the male can place this over the shaft and lay on his back while the female straddles on top, or use it while the female is on her back and tip penetration is executed. 

As a T9 male, this worked perfectly. My partner was able to straddle me and reach orgasm from riding me. The DUO, as you can see below, creates pleasure on the shaft through deep pulsating vibration and also uses the same method to create pleasure for the clituris, with vibrations on the outside portion of the toy. With a fairly large selection of pulsating pressure modes, the wireless remote made our experience even more pleasurable!    

No or low erection? No worries, I tried it without any erection and it was still enjoyable. You can also use it as a simple massager during foreplay on you or your partner.

Retail price: $149.99, but many sites offer this on sale for $119.99 + tax & shipping. 

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New life style, new sensations… The Adorime Vibrator provides just the right amount of suction needed to bring those senses to life! As a modern male, it’s great for nipple play and for the modern women…its perfection, according to my partner. Its design is made to simulate realistic oral pleasure and can also be used on the clitoris. Doubles as a vibrator and massager, making foreplay even more intense. Yes, I do mean intense. Not as deep as the Octopuss, but trust, you don’t want more force then what this little puppy can do on your chest/breast. As you will see below, this vibrator can also be used in the genital area on both you and your partner. While it is not what we intended to you it for, it is approved by my partner as an adequate clituris stimulator. She did not rave about it, but said it can deliver a more then mild pleasurable experience. It truly does have 10 different modes, ranging from  very light and gentle to a great surface vigor touch.   

100% BODY SAFE Silicone

FDA approved silicone and VERY easy to clean. We use sterile wipes, since it is all one piece, but feel free to was it like anything else.

Mini but Powerful

We love that it packs some power, but is also very convenient to carry. This makes it an easy traveling companion! We have a special bag, but as you can see... it can fit in a purse or small backpack.

Easy to Recharge

"WE" can't speak to recharging it in the car with the cigarette lighter, as displayed... However, all the rest of the possible places work for sure. The USB recharge is included and as advertised, will give about 2 hours of continuous pleasure after once charge. I'm not sure if they rotated speeds, but we found that changing the speed several times, decreases this to about an hour and fifteen mins. When we left it at one speed or only changed it 2-3 times, "2 hours" fit their selling point.

100% Waterproof

Regardless of what you think of the funny picture from the site...It is waterproof, so as I said above, wash and "play" away under good o'l H2O!

They advertise “Discreet Packing”, but I have seen better definitions of this with other adult toy companies. They offer an after-sales service support 30-day refund and 1-year warranty on this product. 

Retail price: $28.99, but Amazon has it for $26.69 and FREE 2-day shipping with PRIME. 

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This actually is one part of a combo I am recommending. I fell in love with this harness, because it fits just like underwear and can be easily put on by yourself or with a little assistance from your partner if needed. Other harnesses have multiple straps or belt loops and are difficult to get on, even with assistance. This harness is really soft and according to my partner, feels great even in rough grinding- yup – low to no friction issues. The other reason I like this harness is for its stability, other harnesses slide and slip to one side or the other during intercourse. This one is fully stable and has very little movement, but still has just the right amount of give to keep it feeling natural. It has two overlapping flaps that must be stretched in order for the dildo to be inserted. This process is easy and adds that much more support to the overall stability.


Advertised as “All-day wear”, so you can wear it all day as a regular brief


Suitable for dildos with 1.5 inch O-ring diameters



Retail Price: $39.99

+Updated Price Drop $34.99

+Plus 20%off when you buy 2 lingerie styles.

Part 2 of the combo is this wonderful dildo. As a T9 Paraplegic, the meds I use work ok…but I never gain my full size, nor am I really rock hard. I love my partner dearly and her satisfaction is my joy also, so I set out to find something that could simulate the “ME” she was use to. In doing so, my goal was to get the best feeling and harness compatible dildo on the market. The “Lifelike Lover” nails it, fully! While it does not have the ultra-flesh synthetic skin like on high-end premium dildos, it is very fleshy soft and even has veins to give it the “real feel”. The tip or head is also realistic, with a thick multilevel rounded and contoured bulbous head that even has a slit to simulate the urethra. Fits perfectly in the harness with very little effort. The suction cup bottom allows it to stay extremely stable. I chose to keep my pamper on and place the harness over it for comfort, which worked well as far as not irritating or putting a lot of pressure on my actual penis. 

Added bonus: The suction cup is intense and can be placed on most surfaces. This is great for my partner, because she can use it to pleasure herself in multiple ways, when I am away. 



Base Diameter: 3 inches

Circumference: 5.5 inches

Insertable Length: 7 inches

Full Length: 8 inches

O-ring diameter 1.7 inches 

Contains Phthalates: No

Material: PVC



Retail Price: $26.99

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The IntimateRider is unlike any other sexual positioning device found on the market. The IntimateRider is a small swing chair specially designed to offer a natural gliding motion that will improve sexual mobility. No motors or springs, just the movement of your upper torso provides enough momentum needed to help enhance your sexual performance. Not that you need a vid to explain, but it is helpful… 

Retail Price: $365

(+ additional cost for accessories you might want)

You may want to shop around, because the IR site lists it at $365…BUT after searching many sites, I found it on another site for only $314. Which at the time of this article posting, is the lowest price I was able to find. By the time you read this, there may be a lower price out there on the market. Keep in mind that the price does not include the accessories, which can be found for a cheaper price if you wish to search around for them.  Click the button below to head to that site.

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Your “bedroom adventure gear” awaits! Love this very easy to store and multi-use piece of GREATNESS! I would talk more about this, but I think its better that you see it for yourself… 

See what I mean??? Plus, trust…You can get even more creative according to what you and your partner are willing to do!

Retail Price: $250 (Combo Price)


Again, you can shop around and find it cheaper… However, I found that with the 25%-50% off monthly deals and the FREE shipping for orders $75+… You might as well get it from the maker. I will warn you, they do sale other products like vibrators-etc., but all those can be found way cheaper in the multi list of vendors we approved at the bottom of the page.

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No description needed… Its simple…

Sling + Shoulders/Legs = HAPPY HOUR!

The Frisky “Do Me Sex Position Support Sling” helps stabilize you or your partner’s legs for some real kinky fun. The leg loops and shoulder straps are fairly soft, but you can always add a cushion of sorts if you feel it will “rub you the wrong way” during playtime. 

Retail: $18.22 (Amazon)

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Written by Ron Penny

Always adding to this list, so please check back!

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