Victim To Victor


“Choice” is ultimately the greatest gift God has given outside of forgiving us of our sins. Yes, as you reflect on your choices… some of you will be reminded of some of the shame in the choices made. Your not alone, we all bare shame in some way and some degree. Decisions that we hide from strangers, friends, family, and even our spouses. Some of that shame shapes us and makes us better, so we would not repeat history. Other shame controls us. YES, even you… dig deep and be honest and you will find that it does control a portion of your daily life and season. In the worst case, you may be controlled by shame and feel that you don’t have any real power. 

This notion of you lacking power… limits your life. I know, “but Ron… it’s my circumstances”. Oh, trust… I fully understand. Two thirds of what I use to do is now GONE. I don’t even like going out. The looks, challenges of getting from point A to B, the planning that goes in to it all… just too overwhelming. At least ☝that was my train of thought at first. Sure, those thoughts still pop up every now and again… I’m only 2 years out and it’s still a “new routine”. My point is, “circumstances” + the “shame” I felt for not being able to do the same things as easy… limited my life. 

Maybe it’s not even in the present, does your shame come from your past?… like an internal fight- mentally rocked from years of abuse, traumatic events, a new diagnosis of a disease, or a fight with opioids and illegal substances..?

Trust, you should never feel that your future is completely out of your hands. I too felt this way on April 15th – 2017. Everything was out of my hands. Health, career, even myself confidence relied on others perception and knowledge. I had allowed the devil to convince me that I was powerless, voiceless, helpless, useless, meaningless, a victim of my circumstances. Then HE should me that I could actually choose “me”… choose to empower others with the story HE made for me, aka my life. 

Take all that had happened to me and choose to be a victor.  The truth of God’s Word brings on new light and strength.

Become shame-free by choosing you… choose to focus more on what Jesus has done for you than on what others have done or said to you. This will allow you to have the faith to start moving forward.

What are you going through right now…? Write, vlog, or even just share your experience with your friends. Let them know what’s going on internally and show them your strength in your time of weakness. You never know…you could be introducing them to the first step of living a shame free life also. Allowing the both of you to stop being victims and become the victor.