Tennessee firefighters rescue puppy with head stuck in truck tire

Firefighters in Tennessee came to the rescue of a curious puppy that got its head stuck through the middle of a disused truck tire.

The Hardin County Fire Department said in a Facebook post that firefighters responded to the Savannah home to rescue a puppy with its head stuck through the middle of the tire’s rim.

LaRae Sliger, deputy emergency management director for the department, said the Labrador puppy and three of its siblings wandered onto the homeowner’s property. The homeowner contacted authorities after finding the canine stuck in the tire.

“Well, we had a first this morning. The puppy is fine after removing her from the wheel. This definitely gets filed in the ‘puppies do the darndest things’ category,” the department said on Facebook.

Sliger said the homeowner is now fostering the puppy and its siblings.